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The AI Robotics Ethics Society aims to promote ethical AI principles by facilitating discussion between academics and industry leaders to build safe AI 

About Us


Our Story

AIRES at Brown is a collegiate chapter of the national AIRES organization. We were founded in Spring 2019 to bring AI ethics discussion to Brown University's campus. As a newer chapter, we are actively looking for new members to join us!

Our Goals 

As a chapter, our main goal is to help students currently at Brown to consider AI ethics before they move into industry and make important decisions in the field. No matter what area of study a Brown student pursues, AI will undoubtedly impact all facets of society in the near future and thus it is important for students to learn the possible implications of modern AI systems. 


AIRES@Brown 2021-2022 Executive Board



Leila Kim

Leila Kim is a fourth-year student concentrating in Computer Science via the AI/ML & Security pathways. Outside coursework, she is an undergraduate CS teaching assistant as well as a laboratory assistant in the Brainerd Lab, where she studies sea turtle ventilation. In her spare time, she enjoy writing short stories and teaching herself watercolor painting. 


Rosanna Zhao

Rosanna Zhao is a sophomore at Brown University pursuing Computer Science-Economics. Specifically, she is passionate about machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI). Outside of school, she is an undergraduate researcher and engineer at the RLAB Group, which strives to create software that can make real-life decisions learning from previous experience. In her free time, she enjoys petting her two ragdoll kittens and traveling to different countries.


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